The frightening future for wild fish - small scale hydro power-plants

Angling competitions in Norway where the competitors show up with plastic bags of killed fish, are now used in several rivers by people believing that this is a way to marked the fishing in the area!

This summer we have seen in local newspapers, pictures of bags with killed grayling, trout and pike, from river Glomma, river Trysil, lake Storsjøenand lake Lomnes. These competitions are pointed out in the media as a good way of marketing the specific area in hope of more visiting anglers.

More than once, are the fish dumped at garbage depots after these competitions.

This is not good for the strain of wild fish anywhere and is only sending out signals of ignorance.To bring more anglers here, the resource; a healthy strain of wild fish and among those also some big fish, have to be managed right and not slaughtered!

The recent competition, Harr-Festivalen (the Grayling Festival) is held in the area of the small islands in river Glomma near the community Koppang. Many of us remember the good fly fishing for big grayling here in the 70-ties and 80-ties, now you only catch small fish.

Possibly more grayling are then killed during these festival days than by other anglers in total over the whole season.
The same can be said about the festival in Elvdalen, river Trysil, earlier in the summer.

hese festivals are sponsored by fishing gear importers and dealers, also companies importing/selling profiled fly fishing brands!

It’s now time to notice fellow anglers international of this madness – we need your help stopping this!

For now, the best way is to spread this message to your fishing friends.

Best regards

Geir Kjensmo

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