The Norwegian Hydro Power company, Statkraft , has taken over power stations from EON in Sweden and now started a campaign that is harassing fly fishing and fly fishermen!

As all conservationists, biologists and fly fishermen know; the hydro power companies with their water regulations, low waterflow during critical periods, increasing water temperature because of dams and man made obstructions hindering both spawning and feeding migrations of fish, are the most severe threat to wild fish and water habitat.
When Statkraft now has taken over these plants in Sweden, they run a harassing campaign claiming that fish ignoring our flies is the best conservation method!!!!!!!  The famous fly fisher, Gunnar Westrin, that lives by these rivers, has written this to alert international fly fishermen:

Concrete-fundamentalists on the move in Sweden

Many of you have seen the notice from Norwegian Statkraft where they report the takeover of some powerplants from E.ON in Sweden. The notice states the following remark “How will the fish survive now that Statkraft takes control over powerplants in the rivers Lagan, Nissan, Ljungan, Fjällsjöälven and Umeälven? The same way they always did, by completely ignoring Nilsson’s fishing-flies.”

Owing to the above statement it is evident that the angler is to blame for spoiling the fish resources in already developed rivers, not the ones exploiting them. This kind of disinformation will of course upset people that really have defended our remaining unexploited rivers. The same words are a kick to the groin of all sensible ecologists, biologists, ichthyologists, scientists of natural sciences and others.

Dear fly fishers, we our waters need your help: Here are a couple of e-mail addresses to send your protests to:

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