Madness Hydropower - River destruction in the Balkans

Great Canyons, wild rivers and a beautiful nature are endangered to be destroyed by building “proper” hydroelectric power stations.

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The Irish Government has applied for a licence for 15,000 ton 1,126acres salmon farms in Galway Bay to be leased a to a multinational for up to 10 years . This has the potential to create an environmental catastrophe. This is the 1st application . The Government wants to increase licence capacity to 150,000 tons on the west coast of Ireland. Please help us by signing this petition!

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Every decision regarding this industry will directly affect her own wallet!

The Norwegian Government acts very arrogant by appointing a fishery minister with background from the farmed salmon industry! This is directly disgusting to us wanting to protect the earth and all spices!
The minister of fisheries Lisbeth Berg-Hansen, is a major shareholder of the farmed salmon company Sinkaberg-Hansen, one of the worst offenders in Norway when it comes to escaped farmed salmon!
Every decision regarding this industry will directly affect her own wallet!

Once again I humbly ask you to protest:

Geir Kjensmo
EFFA Conservation Department

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Concrete-fundamentalists on the move in Sweden

The Norwegian Hydro Power company, Statkraft , has taken over power stations from EON in Sweden and now started a campaign that is harassing fly fishing and fly fishermen!

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Sea lice kills wild salmon

To inform the public of the danger of exterminating wild salmon because of high concentrations of sea-lice from farmed salmon, an animated video has been made. The sea-lice are equally dangerous for Pacific as Atlantic salmon!

Help us spread the information! The video can be watched here:    

Sea-lice exterminate wild salmon!

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The frightening future for wild fish - small scale hydro power-plants

Will all small rivers and creeks in the future be destroyed and our wild fish and other animals in this habitat disappear? Today there are 430 applies for building small scale hydro power-plants, now being considered by the department of NVE ( Norway 's Water- and Electricity department). Small scale hydro power-plants are plants with installed possibility of producing between 1 and 10 MW. These plants
are placed in small rivers and big creeks; the spawning ground of wild fish. And foreign EU investors are lining up to participate in the exploitation!
On the bright side, with NVE's capacity, it will take 6 years to consider the applies..

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Championship of most killed fish

Angling competitions in Norway where the competitors show up with plastic bags of killed fish, are now used in several rivers by people believing that this is a way to marked the fishing in the area!

This summer we have seen in local newspapers, pictures of bags with killed grayling, trout and pike, from river Glomma, river Trysil, lake Storsjøenand lake Lomnes. These competitions are pointed out in the media as a good way of marketing the specific area in hope of more visiting anglers.

More than once, are the fish dumped at garbage depots after these competitions.

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