March 4, 2013 was the deadline for handing in the flies for the EFFA Open 2013 - International Fly Tying Championship. Many really beautiful flies from Europe and overseas were sent in for the contest. The nice EFFA Open awards sponsored by EFFA and tackle prices sponsored by  JMC Flyfishing, HURCH, Taki Alvanos, Fabisch Flyfishing, Petitjean, Mouche  de Claret and Bernhard Fishing were waiting for the winners in the three categories.



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On Sunday March 11, 2012 the winners were presented at the fair and were handed out the prices by EFFA Fly Tying Chairmen Wolfgang Fabisch and EFFA president Günter Feuerstein. As it was an international fly tying competition with tiers from all over Europe and even from Canada only a few of the winners could be present at the award ceremony but all those who did not have the possibility to be at site got their awards and tackle prices via mail. Thanks a lot to all participants and especially to the sponsors.


The Jury

The jury of the competition consisted of the international tying pros Theo Atanassov and Werner Steinsdorfer. They were checking all the flies very carefully in regard of the proportions, the difficulty of the fly tying technique which was used and also the fishability. So finally the winners of the three major categories could be announced on March 10, 2013 at the Aqua Fisch. Some winners were present but most prices were sent to the winners as they came from different countries.



The winners:

EFFA Open 2013 - International Fly Tying Championship
W. Fabisch(EFFA Fly Tying Chairman), T. Atanassov(jury), M. Kunter(third place dry fly and nymph), Ch. Lechner(winner dry fly), G. Feuerstein(EFFA president), W. Steinsdorfer(jury)

Dry Fly:


1. Christopher Lechner AT

2. Thiery Frossard FR

3. Markus Kunter DE

4. Jean Quintus L

5. Karl Flick AT

6. Robert  Manvelyan RU

7. Györfi Zsolt Levente RO

7. Sergey Galkin RU

9. Antti Aholainen FI

10. Martin Weidisch DE




Robert Manvelyan
Robert Manvelyan - RUS (1st place Nymph, 2nd place streamer)

1. Robert Manvelyan RU

2. Sergey Galkin RU

3. Markus Kunter DE

4. Ajfons Schefhold DE

5. Klaus Peter Hoffmann DE

5. Györfi Zsolt Levente RO

7. Thiery Frossard FR

8. Gerhard Pilsl AT

9. Jakob Manfred IT

10. Genevieve Proulx CA




1. Peter Klemisch DE

2. Robert  Manvelyan RU

3. Martin Weidisch DE

4. Ajfons Schefhold DE

5. Sergey Galkin RU

6. Jörg Prantl AT

7. Genevieve Proulx CA

8. Jakob Manfred IT

9. Marc Schnabel DE

9. Christopher Lechner AT