EFFA Open results

The international jury consisting of Theo Atanassov (BUL/GER), Sepp Fuchs (NED) and Peter Kunz (SUI) has carefully checked all flies according to the three categories: fly tying technique, proportions and fishability. The results of the jury of the EFFA OPEN International Fly Tying Competition 2014 are as follows:


Dry Fly

  1. Donal Hayes (IRL)
  2. Martin Weidisch (GER)
  3. Robert Manvelyan (RUS)
  4. Yunir Akhmetshin (GER)
  5. Peret Klemisch (GER)
  6. Marco Milacic (SER)
  7. Györgi Zsolt (ROM)
  8. Stefano Ticcmiati (ITA)
  9. Markus Kunter (GER)
  10. Karl Flick (AUT)
  11. Christopher Lechner (GER)
  12. Thierry Frossard (FRA)
  13. Louis Philippe Gélinas(CAN)
  14. Jacques Demers (FRA)
  15. Michel Paquin (CAN)
  16. Luis La Gurgue (FRA)


  1. Marco Milacic (SER)
  2. Markus Kunter (GER)
  3. Donal Hayes (IRL)
  4. Peter Klemisch (GER)
  5. Martin Weidisch (GER)
  6. Christopher Lechner (AUT)
  7. Robert Manuvelyan (RUS)
  8. Robin Pettersson (SWE)
  9. Luis La Gurgue (FRA)
  10. Renato Köpfli (SUI)
  11. Yunir Akhmetshin (GER)
  12. Stefano Ticcmiati (ITA)
  13. Jacques Demers (CAN)


  1. Christopher Lechner (AUT)
  2. Robert Manvelyan (RUS)
  3. Jacques Demers (CAN)
  4. Stefano Ticcmiati (ITA)
  5. Yunir Akhmetshin (GER)
  6. Martin Weidisch (GER)
  7. Györfi Zsolt (ROM)
  8. Jörg Prantl (AUT)
  9. Peter Klemsich (GER)
  10. Markus Kunter (GER)
  11. Michel Paquin (CAN)
  12. Andreas Franz (GER)
  13. Luis La Gurgue (FRA)