The jury consisting of Stancev Igor, Peter Kunz and Martin Weidisch has carefully checked all flies. The results of the jury of the EFFA OPEN International Fly Tying Competition 2019 are as follows:

Dry Fly
1 Kozina Marijo CRO
2 Kowal Johannes D
3 Borovin Evgeniy Rus
4 Dominik Kapeller A
5 Franco Cicerone I
6 Fuchs Frank D
7 Christian Lechleitner A
8 Matthias Mader D
9 Lauff Guido D
9 Ticchiati Stefano I
10 Gufler Arnold I

1 Kozina Marijo Cro
2 Borovin Evgeniy Rus
3 Hayes Donal Irl
4 Lauff Guido D
5 Gufler Arnold I
6 Franco Cicerone I
6 Mitidieri Carlos D
7 Matthias Mader D
8 Stöckli Alexander L
9 Fuchs Frank D
10 Parim Molakuce D

1 Petterson Robin Swe
2 Hayes Donal Irl
3 Gufler Arnold I
4 Dinos Pallas GR
4 Mitidieri Carlos D
5 Stöckli Alexander L
6 Norgall Danny D
7 Parim Molakuce D
8 Ticchiati Stefano I
9 Fuchs Frank D
10 Matthias Mader D

The prices will be sent within the next two weeks.