2. Rheintaler Fliegenfischertag Oct. 23, 2010


The fly fishing and fun event organised by Günter Feuerstein took place for the 3rd time in a row now starting in Oct. 2008 and for the second time under the name Rheintaler Fliegenfischertag (= Rhine Valley Fly Fishing Day). The Erholungszentrum Rheinauen in Austria at the border to Switzerland once again turned out to be the absolutely perfect location for training and workshops with many people. The good atmoshpere at site and the visitors from different countries made it a great come together with demos and fun and many new experiences. Exams were taken there, too as many Masters were at site and three candidates could finally pass successfully. Thanks to all who have come by to spend a great time with us,  especially to the many instructors from EFFA as well as many assistance instructors who were preparing for their exams by taking the chance to instruct visitors. A very special thanks to former casting world champion Günther Mennel who handled the target casting part and to the press, especially Mr. G. Grabher who also sent us some pictures to use for the web. Please bookmark the provisorily date for next year(Oct. 22, 2011).