Rheintaler Fliegenfischertag 2011

Göran Andersson and Roberto Pragliola

The Rheintaler Fliegenfischertag 2011 was a very special event this time, as Göran Andersson(SWE), father of the Underhand Technique and Roberto Pragliola, Italian fly casting ikon and originator of the TLT technike showed up and attracked a lot of peope with their demos. The event started as early as 8.30 h in the morning with the basic exams. Six candidates gave it a try. Parallel to the workshops and demos the exams lasted more or less the whole day. The demos started with Claus Elmenreich who was talking about basic techniques for beginners. Soon after that the workshops began.

preparing for TLT demo

One of the highlights of the day was the TLT demo. Roberto Pragliola was present with eight members of his TLT Academy and they explained the Italian way of casting together with their technical engineer. TLT(Technico di Lancio Totale) is a very special way of casting which was developed in Italy by Roberto Pragliola. It is a very fast casting style e.g. to shoot dry flies deep under the bushes. It can be used with low speed, too although the real advantage can be reached with high speed. It is a great style designed for casting dry flies and micro nymphs. It is not made for casting common nymphs as the speed of the forward cast is simply too high. The TLT rods with their special action are usually cast with DT lines rated two line classes lower than the rods.

At 11 o´clock the fly tying with Rainer Thoma and Jörg Prantl started in the pavilion. Whereas Rainer tied all type of patterns Jörg focused on his pike flies whith which he fished very successfully in the Old River Rhine nearby.

Göran Andersson(SWE)

Göran Andersson gave the visitors a deep insight into the Underhand Technique and the huge variety of casts that can be made based on the UH principles of the straight lines and short strokes. He showed the technique with the single hand rod and later with the double hander also showing casts which are only possible with shooting heads and underhand techniques but not with longer line techniques.

Later Günter Feuerstein showed several useful casts for nymph fishing, presentation and mending techniques and explained the use of the lines and leaders he uses for this kind of fly fishing.

Late in the afternoon towards the end of the day the exams that started already early in the morning were finished. 6 candidates tried, four failed the casting demands and one has to repeat the didactics again the next time. So at the end one lucky face remained. Thibaut Giband was very happy to be the first ever EFFA instructor in France and he promised to do his best to make EFFA spread in his country. Congratulations Giband!

The day was perfect not only what the performances were concerned. The beautiful autumn weather allowed it to sit outside and enjoy the barbeque and some drinks together with fly fishers from several countries. One could see people casting on the lawn and water the whole day long and there was a lot of fun involved. Thanks to all who have joined and especially the instructors and candidates who helped the visitors who arrived with their rods to improve their technique and the fly tiers who were always busy and shared their knowledge with the crowd. Many Thanks also to Mike Häfele and his team which was responsible for the catering. In 2012 the Rheintaler Fliegenfischertag will take place on Oct 27, 2012.

See you there!

Thibaut Giband the first EFFA instructor from France
Hans Spinnler(CH), Thibaut Giband(FRA), Günter Feuerstein(AT), Göran Andersson(SWE)