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Sparkly Olive Compara tying instructions

Tying thread: 6/0, orange
Hook: Dryfly hook, thin wire, long shank, #10 - 18
Tail: Hacklefibers, grizzly, olive
Dubbing head/thorax section, body: 50/50 Mix: Antron, golden olive and Spectra Dub, olive
Wing: Roe Deer hair, nature
1. Starting at the hook eye, lay a couple of turns (approx. 1/3 of the hook leg) as a basic winding. Bring the thread back to the eye, wind on a bit of dubbing and dub the dubbing head/thorax area towards the hook bend starting at the eye. 2. Continue to lay the basic winding down to the hook bend and tie in the hackle fibres as a tail. The tail should have approximately hook shank length. 3. Clean the hair of the roe deer properly from the underfur (brush it out) and push the hair with the tips downwards a few times in the hair stacker. Tie in the hair of the roe deer as a wing as shown in the picture.
4. Wind on the dubbing and dub the body up to the wing. The amount of dubbing should be chosen in such a way that there are 2 more turns "over" the deer's hair to push the vertical upward standing hair forward. 5. Finish the fly between body and wing with the Whip Finisher. Correctly made, the knot hides itself under the dubbing when tightening. Cut the thread off and apply a little varnish to the finishing point. A classic among the no hackle flies.
Copyright by Michael Salzer. Have fun tying and fishing, Michael.
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