Fishing currently experiences a real boom. While it did not really get much attention in the past and even was punished with disdain by some groups, it is nowadays regarded as hip and an ideal balance to the stress of the daily hustle. Especially fly fishing is highly valued, as all senses are demanded, the body is toughened up and the balance sense is improved. Besides, when fly fishing, one moves with open, searching eyes in free nature. Observing a freely drifting dry fly or an indicator it is even compared to point meditation. Our organisations goals are to spread this „as the royal kind of the fishing“ known way to catch fish with all her facets, to improve the contact and the exchange among like-minded fishers, as well as to raise the education level in this field. We wish you a lot of fun while surfing on our new web page!

Tight Lines!

Daniele Di Fronzo, president