Single member

Just fill in the online form and thereby become part of the steady growing EFFA family. In countries where EFFA councils exist it is necessary to apply for EFFA membership prior to joining a national EFFA council.

EFFA bylaws

Please join EFFA right now by filling in the online membership application form:

EFFA Online Membership

Instructor/Guide (for EFFA certified instructors & guides only)

For becoming an EFFA fly casting instructor or guide it is necessary to pass the EFFA Flycasting Instructor or EFFA Guide Exam. If you haven't been a single member before attending the exam you need to become an EFFA member after the test to get the rights to use the titles, logos and EFFA trademarks. If you are interested in taking part in an exam, please have a look at the demands and the next dates.

Annual membership dues for Instructors/Guides (EFFA instructor or guide exam required):

first year € 15.-

following years € 25.- 
(€ 15.- for membership + € 10.- for certification renewal*)

* Certification renewal does not mean one has to do the exam

Affiliate membership (clubs only)

If a club or an organisation wants to support EFFA 's interests and ideas it can become an affiliated member. In this case the club has to apply for membership and send a profile of the club as well as their bylaws to the EFFA office. If the aims of your organisation correspond with those of EFFA you can apply for an affiliation membership. 
However, EFFA reserves the right to refuse an application without specifying the reasons. apply here

Annual subscription is € 100.- plus  €1.- per member

Honorary Life member

The Managing Board can elect EFFA Honorary Life members. These persons can be suggested by the departments and have to be confirmed by unanimous decision of the MB. They have to be well known either because of their input into the international fly fishing scene (book, Videos, writing in magazines, ...) or because of extraordinary support of EFFA over a long period of time. Life members need to have a very good reputation.

The EFFA Honorary Life Members