The Underhand Technique is said to be the most efficient and versatile fly casting technique if it comes to modern fly fishing with double handed salmon rods(two hand rods). Whereas the unique Spey Casting was a roll casting technique that was based on the physical Principle of the Rolling Ball the Underhand Cast is using the Principle of Shooting the Fly Line Like an Arrow(Andersson). Underhand Casting has revolutionized former Spey Casting during the last decades and obviously without knowing that the proponents of the hybrid technique (which is used nowadays by most of the long line casters) permanently use the Underhand principle which is the main principle the hybrid technik is based on(shooting not rolling the line). The hybrid technique (let's call it long line technique) is used for open water with a lot of backspace where not much angulation in the casting is necessary (more or less distance casts with angulation arround 30-45 degrees). There it does a great job. The versatile Underhand Cast is performed with shooting heads which make angulation and casting without much backspace much easier.

The Underhand Cast (Andersson Technique) was originated by Göran Andersson from Sweden who explains us the basics of his technique in the following film. Have a look at the clear description and enjoy this great technique. (GF)

EFFA Master Flly Casting Instructor h.c. Göran Andersson (SWE, LOOP), world-famous double hand flycasting expert teaches his famous Underhand Casting Technique, the most progressive all-round fly casting technique for double hand rods world-wide.