European Fly Fishing Association

Exam types

EFFA certificates are highly desired and the exams not only enjoy a high reputation due to their professionalism, but are considered the most demanding of their kind. For additional information please contact info@effa.info.

The EFFA Single Handed Instructor is a certified instructor who could fulfill the requirements of the Basic Instructor Test. (more....).

The EFFA Single Hand Master Instructor certificate identifies the holder as the highest qualified instructor - namely as a Master. He therefore fulfills the requirements demanded in the Master Test and is allowed to act as a representative of the EFFA Flycasting Program. (more....).

The EFFA Double Hand Instructor Certification Program consists of two parts. You can either try to become an EFFA Double Hand Instructor in Longline Technique ("Spey") or an EFFA Double Hand Instructor in Underhand Technique (UH). (more....).

The courses are conducted by certified / authorized EFFA guides, who are nominated by the Fly Fishing Department.

To be able to participate in the exam, the Guide Workshop must be completed in advance. (more....)

Workshop & Exam Dates

Here you can find the next EFFA workshop and exam dates.

Date Place Type  
02. 06. 2024 Zevenhuizen (NL) Exam EFFA Basic Instructor Register
28. 09. 2024 Diepoldsau (CH) Basic Instructor Exam Register
28. 09. 2024 Diepoldsau (CH) Master Instructor Exam Register

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