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European Fly Fishing Association

Marco Pedol

Today we introduce EFFA Flycasting Instructor, Marco Pedol.

Marco Pedol living in Chies d Alpago BL, Italy. His activity is Fly tier, fly fishing guide, fly casting instructor and beekeeper. He is 28 years young and EFFA-Member since 2015. His club is in Belluno, Italy. We asked Marco a few questions:

Since when do you fish with the fly? Can you remember exactly your first litters? Who brought you the fly fishing / accompanying you?
I started fly fishing when I was eighteen and I remember all of that magic days: Flies, Fish and Place. I began alone and after one year, I went to a Fly Fishing Club where I learned Fly Casting.

How did you discover fly fishing?
It was simple a friend of my, He introduced me the first steps of Fly fishing.

Before have you seen a film, did you read a book or something else?
Yes, I did. I saw a TV commercial when I was kid.

What fascinates you about fly fishing?
Fly casting, fly tying, catch a fish and of course the contact with nature.

What about the technique / litters?
I love spey casting with scandi or skagit line in big water.

Do you have a favorite water - Where do you prefer to fish?
I love fishing in flowing water but it’s good also fishing in a lake or in the sea.

Tell me please a name of the waters?
The river Piave, It borns near the Austrian border and enters the sea near Venice, very nice river!         

Your biggest fish you have: where, how and when caught?
Two years ago I caught 1,17 cms pike in the lake of Centro Cadore, I was using a 9 feet fly rod and 10 wt sinking fly line with a big gold flashabou streamer.

How did you get to EFFA?
I met the Fly casting Master, Valerio Santagostino and he told me about high standards of EFFA Examination Regulations. I was instantly excited and motivated to prepare me for this exam and I decided to become an instructor.

Fly fishing is fully in line with trend. Where do you see the reasons?
When I met a person near the water, the first words of every people are: you are an Artist. I think the movement of the line in the air is ipnotic for everybody. And so many people want to try it out right now.

There are many things that speak for our fish waters - environmental protection, bird protection, nature conservation, etc. How do you see the development of fish waters in Europe?
I think and hope in the future people will understand how much important is water for everything: animals and us.

What do you think about politics? We have a chance to change that?
I’m skeptical but we have to change that. For istance, the river Piave is one of the most exploited in Europe to produce electricity and i never saw some improvements. There are too many interests about water.

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