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European Fly Fishing Association

Rolf Bünter


My name is Rolf ''Bünti'' Bünter, born in Switzerland and living in Winkel, a small village close to the airport in Zurich. As a certified instructor and guide I own my own fly fishing school.

As a crew member of Fly With Us and Hatch-Pro, I do courses/guidings (boat) and casting demonstrations. As a true casting freak, I like to be inspired by the best casters in the world and then use my ideas and experience to develop my own style. I enjoy fishing my home waters in Switzerland. Outwitting a delicate fish with a clever cast and the perfect drift is my favorite challenge. To ensure that this remains so in the future, I myself am the leaseholder of two waters and am committed to their care and preservation.

With a lot of knowledge and enthusiasm I take care of them far-sightedly. Of course, I am always drawn across the borders. I like to travel abroad with my wife, also an enthusiastic fly fisherman. Whether in freshwater (Germany, Austria, Iceland) or saltwater (Florida, Bahamas), it is always a new challenge.


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