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European Fly Fishing Association

Sven Ostermann

Today we introduce EFFA Flycasting Instructor, Sven Ostermann - the man of the first hour.

Sven Ostermann lives in Weilerswist, Germany, is 53 years old, an IT Consultant by profession and the first certified EFFA Flycasting Instructor (April 1997).

We asked Sven Ostermann ten questions:

How long have you been fly fishing?
[35 years
How did you get into fly fishing?
Through myself out of interest
Where do you like to fish best/your favourite area, your favourite fly?
Slovenia and the water I'm on at the moment.

What fascinates you about EFFA?
I don't think it's fascinating, I think it's a good and important initiative to give fly fishing a voice and also that examination programmes have been set up that offer interested parties a certain degree of confirmation / assessment by an instructor.
Where, how and when did you catch your biggest fish and how big was it?
Hanau am Main, Bürgerfest 7.9.1981, 165cm and called Gaby ;-)
How do you see the current situation with the waters/fish stocks in Europe?
Many things have improved, thank God, but there is still a lot to do.

What potential does the EFFA have (from your point of view)?
A lot
Where can EFFA still improve?
You can always do something better, but if you make a start, that's half the battle.
Your best experience on the water (place, people, situation, etc.)?
There are several, namely when someone caught their first fish with a fly rod.
Your greatest wish as a fly fisherman?
Fly fishing


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