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Andreas Böhringer

Today we introduce EFFA instructor, Andreas Böhringer. A fly fisherman with a lot of passion and enormous commitment.

Andreas Böhringer lives in Rheinfelden, Germany, is 58 years old, married and works at DSM (DSM Nutritional Products), Sisseln, Switzerland as an operator on PC-controlled systems. Andy has been an EFFA member since 2003 and successfully passed the EFFA instructor exam in Friedrichshafen in 2005. His involvement in trade fairs and meetings is enormous. Andy also holds the office of EFFA country representative and has been Germany delegate for three years.

His home territory is the Große Wiese near Zell im Wiesental in the southern Black Forest. He is also a member of the Zell im Wiesental club and ASV-Rheinfelden.

We asked Andy a few questions:

How long have you been fly fishing and how did you discover fly fishing?
Andreas Böhringer: I didn't start fly fishing until I was 31. Inspired by a local fishing shop owner who was a very good caster and fly fisherman, I learned a lot from him. I was often allowed to accompany him to the big meadow as a guest card holder and experienced many a great fishing day with him.

What fascinates you about fly fishing?
Andreas Böhringer: Actually everything, nature, the water in which I stand, casting the fly line, everything that goes with it. What could be better than catching a big trout with a fly I tied myself.

Do you have a favourite water?
Andreas Böhringer: Actually, I don't have a particular favourite water. All waters are interesting in some way. Of course, my home water is the closest, which is why I swing the rod there the most.

Do you have a fly fishing idol?
Andreas Böhringer: As a young fly fisherman, I was always fascinated by EFFA's demo casters at the fairs. I was always fascinated by the way they laid the line on the water with such elegant ease, as if drawn with a ruler.

Your biggest fish: where, how and when did you catch it?
Andreas Böhringer: My biggest fish is a pike of just over one metre, caught on a fly on Rügen. I've really taken to pike fishing lately. The fish just explode when they attack the streamer. I also like tying these big pike streamers with flash and bucktail.

How did you get into EFFA?
Andreas Böhringer: I was very interested and fascinated by this organisation, especially the meetings and other events where I enjoyed being involved.

What potential does EFFA have?
Andreas Böhringer: I think EFFA has a lot of potential. I think we are on the right track, not least because of the events we have been organising lately and from which we also receive a lot of positive feedback.

Fly fishing is all the rage. Where do you see the reasons?
Andreas Böhringer: More and more fishermen are taking a liking to this way of catching fish. Above all, it is organisations like the EFFA that contribute to this.

There are many things that speak for but also against our fishing waters - environmental protection, bird protection, nature conservation, etc. How do you see the development of fish waters in Europe?
Andreas Böhringer: Well, I think there is still a long and difficult way to go until everyone realises how important nature and environmental protection are. I think we should definitely do more renaturation and not always just build up everything for the supposed benefit of mankind. Unfortunately, there are still completely inadequate and non-functioning fish ladders at weirs and barrages. Nevertheless, I am confident that man must always make mistakes first in order to learn from them.

Interview: Stefan Schramm

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