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Angelo Piller (Kopie)

A heart and soul fly fisherman

Today we introduce passionate fly fisherman, Angelo Piller. A passionate fly fisherman who has made his passion his profession. Angelo Piller lives in the Dolomites, Pieve di Cadore, Italy. The FFF-Basic Casting Instructor, is 50 years young and has been fly fishing since 1986.

Today Angelo runs the Fly-Fishing Lodge in Tai di Cadore -BL- Via Manzano 27. 32044 in the heart of the Dolomites (5 minutes from one of the best Piave routes) and is manager of flyfishdolomiti,

After the first few years as a "Milanese" where he taught fly fishing as a casting and tying instructor, Angelo moved to Cortina d'Ampezzo. Here he was able to improve his technique on streams and rivers like the Boite and Piave. But he was always drawn to the popular fly fishing waters in the USA, Cuba, Venezuela and, of course, New Zealand, which was and is the absolute highlight of fly fishing for Angelo. Here he had his most beautiful experiences and caught the most magnificent fish "To hook a trophy fish on sight is and remains a challenge".

In national and international journals

Angelo is an author in several national and international magazines, such as Sedge&Mayfly or La Pesca Mosca&Spinning. In the nineties he took part in several fly tying competitions and so he was later able to pass on his knowledge and experience in the role of jury member. Since 1995 he has been the first editor of the Italian fly fishing website: Also as an actor on the Hunting/Fishing channel of Sky Pesca, Angelo has participated in several videos about fly tying and various fly fishing techniques. In 2009 he realised "Reelvideo", a fly fishing DVD that was distributed in several fly fishing magazines. One of his flies was even published in the American book "Tying Emergers", something Angelo is particularly proud of.

A key experience

Because Angelo could not outwit the rising trout in the Piave with a worm 32 years ago, he tried it with a fly - his key experience. And so fly fishing has stayed with him until today. The Piave is Angelo's home territory. Here he is very successful with his two dry fly patterns: Arpo and V2 fly. Angelo consistently pursues the goal of improving the quality of the waters. Thanks to regulation (including Catch&Release), he sees a good development for the fish stock in Italy's waters. Unfortunately, this regulation is still not practised consistently enough, but Angelo is convinced that with insight, reason and common sense, development is well on its way.

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Text: Stefan Schramm

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