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Heinz Reitmayer

I was born on 24.12.1962 in Kiefersfelden (Bavaria) in the beautiful Inn Valley and now live with my wife and daughter in Krün in the Isar Valley, where I also run my own fly fishing school for 2 years.

Very early the sport was the most important part in my life, in the first place, however, was the mountain sports, after finishing my school career I started my apprenticeship as a mechanical engineer and also completed it successfully. 1989 the turning point in my life. After many trainings and courses I got the offer to make my hobby to my profession I decided to accept this offer to be from now on even more in the mountains, but with much more responsibility for many people.

After successful completion of the training as a mountain and ski guide, the training institute of the German Armed Forces for mountain training came to me and called me to them, I followed the call of course, it was for me the dream application or simply calling. There I was responsible as an instructor for all areas of mountain training (summer/winter). (Mountain guide training, mountain rescue, helicopter rescue, canyoning rescue and much more. From 2012 I was "bird-free" as a troop instructor for mountain training and worked in the focus only conceptually and over 2 years on the merger with the Austrian Armed Forcesfor the area of mountain training.

2010 after almost 40 years and four continents with many mountain undertakings my body went on strike and so I started fly fishing and found there my passion which has fulfilled me absolutely and has given me many new and good friends at my side. Also here I have "accelerated" and in the past 10 years I have met and appreciated many good casting instructors and have also been able to experience and fish some countries and rivers such as Kamchatka, Canada, Greenland, New Zealand, Cuba ........

Member of EFFA since 2011 and 2019 graduate of Guiding education. New in the team of the guiding education I would like to contribute my experience of the past 40 years in the above mentioned topics and thus contribute to the quality of the course.

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