Single Hand Instructor

European Fly Fishing Association

Single Hand Instructor

The EFFA Flycasting Instructor is a certified instructor who has successfully fulfilled the requirements of the Basic Instructor Test. These instructors train beginners, advanced to future instructors. Some may go on to train to become an Master Flycasting Instructor at a later date.

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Looking for an experienced fly fishing guide? The EFFA instructors and EFFA Flyfishing Guides have years of experience and are happy to share it.

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EFFA Open 2024

Wintertime is tying time.
Nice prizes are to be won,
rods, reels and lines.
Join in, it's worth it!

The announcement and the registration form are online!

Guide Workshop & Exam 2024

Guide Workshop & Exam, July 2024 in the Zurich area. Register now!

New tying instructions online

There are new tying instructions to follow!!!

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