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Fly casting

"Money can't buy a perfect presentation", says a proverb. Nevertheless, with our certified instructors you will make a big step in the right direction. They will help you make huge improvements in your casting skills, allowing you to make more effective use of your fishing time on the water. Poor casting can really ruin a day of fishing. Trouble and frustration are already preprogrammed. Only a good casting can make a day of fishing really enjoyable.

The department

Fly casting

The EFFA Flycasting Department consists of many of Europe's best-known flycasting instructors. There they represent the interests of the instructors of their home countries. The department tries to improve the education in the field of fly casting and to raise the level of fly casting in Europe. The advisory board supports them in their work.

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Looking for an experienced fly fishing guide? The EFFA instructors and EFFA Flyfishing Guides have years of experience and are happy to share it.

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EFFA Open 2024

Wintertime is tying time.
Nice prizes are to be won,
rods, reels and lines.
Join in, it's worth it!

The announcement and the registration form are online!

Guide Workshop & Exam 2024

Guide Workshop & Exam, July 2024 in the Zurich area. Register now!

New tying instructions online

There are new tying instructions to follow!!!

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